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Icy Invigorating ShampooIcy Invigorating Shampoo
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Icy Invigorating Shampoo & Conditioner excites the scalp and gently cleanses. Recommended for use on all hair types and textures.

Icy Invigorating ConditionerIcy Invigorating Conditioner
8OZ $24.00

Cremesicle Silk ShampooCremesicle Silk Shampoo
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Cremesicle Silk Shampoo & Conditioner moisturizes and deeply conditions. Perfect for coarse, dry, damaged & color-treated hair.

Cremesicle Silk ConditionerCremesicle Silk Conditioner
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Color Guard ShampooColor Guard Shampoo
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Color Guard Shampoo & Conditioner maintains the tonality of color and highlights and helps to combat color fadage.

Color Guard ConditionerColor Guard Conditioner
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Ultra Volume ShampooUltra Volume Shampoo
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Ultra Volume Shampoo builds body volume in fine/limp hair. Ultra volume is also a clarifying shampoo. Ultra Lite Conditioner conditions the hair without adding heaviness.

Extra Glossy ShampooExtra Glossy Shampoo
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Extra Glossy Shampoo & Vital Restore Conditioner are recommended for any person with normal hair texture or anyone seeking added shine and elasticity. This shampoo and conditioner imparts a vibrant sheen to dull and damaged hair.

Vital Restore ConditionerVital Restore Conditioner
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Simplicity 6 Spray-In/Leave-In TreatmentSimplicity 6 Spray-In/Leave-In Treatment
8OZ $24.00


Lockdown Friz ControlLockdown Friz Control
4OZ $18.00
Control frizzy, curly and wavy hair with Lock Down. This lite conditioning and greaseless product is enriched with anti-humectants which help to smooth the cuticle of the hair shaft and protect hair from the elements.

Slicker Spray ShineSlicker Spray Shine
4OZ $24.00
Slicker instantly imparts a brilliant, healthy looking sheen to all hair textures. Slicker easily detangles even the most difficult hair.

Silky Smooth Hair & Skin SerumSilky Smooth Hair & Skin Serum
4OZ $26.00
Silky Smooth Hair & Skin Serum helps to control unruly hair. Silky works especially well when blow drying long or chemically dependent hair.

Foam Tonic Setting LotionFoam Tonic Setting Lotion
7OZ $22.00
This setting lotion and volumizer was inspired by the products that created the outrageous styles of the 1960's. Foam Tonic creates the voluminous blowouts and sets of today.

Nice Body Thickening LotionNice Body Thickening Lotion
8OZ $22.00
Nice Body is a lightweight volumizing and thickening gel that builds body at the roots and dries off clean.

Lift Volumizing MousseLift Volumizing Mousse
9.6OZ $22.00
Never flaky, stiff or tacky, Lift Mega Mousse creates hair texture and voluminous styles.

Faux Finish Weightless Matte FinishFaux Finish Weightless Matte Finish
2OZ $24.00
Faux Finish is a dry matte texturizing tool which creates separation and activates hair texture.

Separator Texture & SeparationSeparator Texture & Separation
2OZ $24.00
Create spiky, twisted and unkempt looks. Separator creates separation and activates hair texture for controlled chaos.

Pearl Whip Texture & GlazingPearl Whip Texture & Glazing
2OZ $24.00
Hairdressing pomades are responsible for creating some of pop culture's most iconic looks. Pearl whip Texture & Glazing has all of the qualities you've come to love in a classic pomades with increased hold and less greasiness.

Mega Aero HairsprayMega Aero Hairspray
10OZ $22.00
Mega Aerospray is humidity resistant and lightweight. This hairspray supports every style with just the right amount of hold and versatility.

Adapt Versatility SprayAdapt Versatility Spray
8OZ $22.00

Dry Finish Modifying PowderDry Finish Modifying Powder
0.23OZ $24.00

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